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We have finally announced our summer dates, trips and theme! We brought pizza and invited all our student’s families to come hear about this summer. We had excellent attendance at each school, and are very grateful for the administration that allowed us to be in the schools and helped us set up! 

Students were informed of the changes that were taking place (with two new grants comes a new way of doing things), we announced what field trips we will be taking: Oklahoma State University, Tarleton, Navarro & Lake Whitney, and Mission Arlington for community service. We also announced that our end of the year trip is going to be in New Orleans, Louisiana! We are very excited for this summer and all that it holds for our students !


Face the Summit

Summer Dates:

June 11-July 20

First Week:

Dorms at Hill College Mon-Wed

OSU Dorms Thurs-Friday

End of the Year Trip:

July 17-July 20