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Educational Opportunity Center visits Sanders Estes Unit periodically throughout the year. Each workshop is tailored to help offenders re-enter society by providing pathways to educational achievement through financial aid literacy and college planning. Here is what some of the inmates have to say:

“I just really appreciate everything y’all do for the inmate population. The work that you do and what you give to us inspires me to give back to the community. Ever since I witnessed this [EOC] has made me think a lot about my live and what I want to do” – Chris Rhymes

“They help you get lined up so you can move forward with your education. Why wouldn’t you want someone to help you out? It gives you a set up. – Santos Cervantes

“EOC made the process a lot easier. Thank you for helping me” – Scott Robinson

“I heard about EOC but I wasn’t expecting to get the detailed information I got.” I haven’t had anyone help me look into things before. Now i can work on my future.” – Sean Williams