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Kristen Miller is the Assistant Director for the Educational Opportunity Center program that serves all of Dallas County. Originally from Joshua, Texas, Kristen attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University where she earned her Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies and Bachelor of Science in Pre-professional counseling with minors in Children and Family Ministries as well as Psychology. 

Kristen Miller working with students during the Upward Bound Senior Retreat.

Kristen was a first-generation and low-income student who has lived through similar situations as many of our students. Kristen has 6 years of professional experience in social work that includes working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Kristen first joined the ORS team in 2017 as a Student Development Coordinator and transitioned to a Program Coordinator for Upward Bound. Kristen helped develop field trips and organize work-study opportunities during the summer program for our students. Kristen loves working with people and is an expert in making connections with students and communicating with our organizational partners.

In her current role as the EOC AssistantDirector, Kristen will be providing the entirety of Dallas County Texas with college resources and educational guidance. Her passion will ensure that the Dallas County population has access to all the resources needed to obtain, GED’s, attend trade schools, and enroll in college!

Kristen Miller showing off her artwork during the Upward Bound Dallas Arts Trip.

When not at school or in the office, Kristen enjoys rock climbing, volunteer work, and spending time with her family. Kristen believes that education is an investment for your future that has the potential to change the entire family dynamic.

“I love getting to watch students make connections, learn new things, and succeed because of the hard work they put in.”