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Joseph Cowan is the Assistant Director of the ORS Educational Opportunity Center for Johnson County. Originally from Cleburne, Texas, Joseph attended Hill College and soon transferred to the University of Texas Arlington where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Physics. 

Joseph Cowan working with high school seniors at the Upward Bound Senior Retreat.

In his youth, Joseph didn’t have a full appreciation or understanding of the role that education plays in the overall success and prosperity in one’s life. After spending 6 years working a dead-end job at a golf course, Joseph decided to change his life through education by becoming a nontraditional student and taking night classes at Hill College. Dedicating himself wholly to his education, Joseph decided to transfer to the University of Texas Arlington and become a full-time student to complete his degree plan. During his time at UTA, Joseph found his passion for STEM education and gained experience working within an academic setting at the university level as a tutor and research lab assistant. After college, Joseph joined ORS in 2019 as an academic tutor specializing in higher-level science and mathematics courses and now oversees college preparedness and academic success as a Program Coordinator.

Joseph Cowan with students from the ORS Upward Bound program.

Outside of the office, Joseph likes reading, working with electronics, and still occasionally enjoys golfing. Due to his past life experiences, Joseph believes that higher education is the path towards financial stability and wellbeing. Every day Joseph strives to help as many students achieve their goals as possible and reach their full potential through the skills guidance and insight he provides to our students. 

“I believe that the more educated a populace is, the happier and more prosperous their society will be.” – Joseph Cowen