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Student Safe Activities During The COVID-19 Pandemic

CLEBURNE, Texas –  Opportunity Resource Services, administrators of the Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science grant-funded programs which serve high school-aged students in Keene, Rio Vista, Alvarado, & Venus, has developed and planned safe and educational field trips for students in the program service area during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Upward Bound students ready to start their tour of the Dallas Zoo.

Opportunity Resource Services is diligent in providing students with safe experiences throughout the summer.   This includes providing transportation that will allow students to be at least 6 feet apart from each other during travel, limiting each trip to a safe and manageable number, providing required face coverings, and always having sanitary supplies available at all times. 

AT&T Stadium here we come!!!
Upward Bound Students at the Dallas Arboretum.


In addition to the general sanitary procedures, students only travel individuals from their respective home schools. This precaution helps prevent the chances of cross-community contamination.

This Upward Bound student begins her immersive art experience at Rainbow Vomit in Dallas.
Upward Bound students at the Fort Worth Zoo.

The Upward Bound programs have organized 14 educational experiences for all program participants enrolled in the Upward Bound Summer Program.  The 2020 ORS Upward Bound Summer Program strives to provide additional educational opportunities for students through virtual online courses, work-study programs, virtual college tours, guest speakers & educational field trips. 

Upward Bound students kayaking in Forth Worth.

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