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The Opportunity Resource Services Board of Trustees, Upward Bound Staff, and Upward Bound Math & Science Staff are proud to announce the recipients of the 2020 Opportunity Resource Services Board of Trustees Scholarship.

The governing board of Opportunity Resource Services will offer one-time scholarships of $500 to deserving students of the ORS Regular Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science Programs. The ORS Board of Trustees has authorized a total of five (5) scholarships to be awarded for 2020.

The ORS Board Scholarship is one way ORS is able to fulfill its stated mission of providing resources and creating opportunities for constituents to achieve educational, financial, and personal success.

Applicants must be a current UB or UBMS participant, a graduating senior, have at least a 3.3 weighted GPA on a 4-point scale or an 87+ on a 100-point scale, and have completed all senior checklist requirements.

Scholarship awards have been disbursed to applicants with the highest scores. No preference was given to any individual ORS program or target school. Reviewers assessed applicant employment history, academic awards, volunteer experiences, extra-curricular activities, class rank, GPA, test scores, financial need, and the applicant’s future goals.

Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients! Your dedication and determination to improve yourself through the pursuit of education is an inspiration to all ORS organization members and your communities.

Please read below to learn about our 2020 ORS Board Scholarship recipients.

Kimberly Anaya Rodriguez – Venus High School

Kimberly is a graduate of Venus High School and was an Upward Bound Program participant for 3 years. Kimberly is attending Texas State University and majoring in Radiation Therapy. In the future, Kimberly intends on becoming a Radiation Therapist. Congratulations Kimberly!

Rachel Alatorre – Keene High School

Rachel Alatorre graduated from Keene High School and was a 1-year participant in the Upward Bound Math & Science program. She will be attending Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia. Rachel will be a Graphic Design major with plans on being an Illustrator/Writer for her future career.

Emelee Duarte – Venus High School

Emelee Duarte is a 3-year program participant in Upward Bound and a graduate of Venus High School. She will be attending college at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Emelee will be majoring in Kinesiology as she prepares for her career as an Anesthesiologist.

Mason Garcia – Keene High School

Mason Garcia is a graduate of Keene High School and a 3 year Upward Bound program participant. During his High School career, Mason received multiple awards for his skill and dedication. The awards include the 2020 Principal’s Award, the 2020 Culinary arts award, the 2020 yearbook award, and the 2019 & 2020 FCCLA Region II Cupcake Battle Competition – 2nd place.

Mason will be attending the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado where he will be majoring in Hospitality Management with a concentration in restaurants. Mason was awarded a $22,000 Dean Scholarship from the University of Denver and a $17,000 Knoebel Dept. Scholarship.

“Like most things in my life, I don’t know where I am going to end up at. But, I hope to gain an Executive Chef position or Restaurant Manager position at Chipotle and get free burritos for life.” – Mason Garcia

Emily Garcia-Espino – Alvarado High School

Emily Garcia-Espino is a graduate of Alvarado High School and is a 4-year program participant in the Upward Bound Math and Science Program. She will be attending The University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Government & Sociology while preparing herself of Law School.

“I plan to major in Government in hopes to better prepare myself for law school. I believe that in a society as diverse and outspoken as today’s, reflective representation should not be an ongoing issue. By practicing Civil Rights or Immigration law, I hope to raise the percentage of female, Latina attorneys.” – Emily Garcia Espino

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Upward Bound Board of Trustees Scholarship recipients! Everyone at ORS is proud of all your hard work and cannot wait to see your future achievements and accomplishment.