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The Educational Opportunity Center is proud to announce a new partnership with The Second Chance Women’s Council!

EOC provides payment for two GED tests for clients and by partnering with TSCWC women who have been involved in the justice system or those who are at risk will also be eligible for two additional GED tests to be paid for by the TSCWC.  This means our qualified clients will be able to take all for GED tests at no charge and form a foundation to better themselves for years to come!

The mission of The Second Chance Women’s Council is to bridge the gap between incarceration and education to empower women for a brighter future. TWCWC offers free G.E.D’s, assistance in finding G.E.D prep courses, mentoring programs, and re-entry courses. Our resources are virtual, so we can serve you no matter where you are in Texas. Take advantage of our partnerships and memberships that can help enhance education and professional goals!

More Information about TWCWC can be found at https://www.thescwctx.org

For more information on the Educational Opportunity Center please visit orstx.org/eoc