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Helpful Tools For Dyslexics.

Helpful Tools for Dyslexics

Speech Recognition Software (SRS) – type using your voice. Many SRS products are available for PC, Apple computers,iPad, iPhone, etc.  Helps address spelling issues.  Ex.- Dragon Naturally Speaking; Leo app.

Text-to-speech conversion tools – will convert written material to speech so you can listen & learn. Helpful with class notes. Ex.- Balabolka, Natural Reader, Panopreter Basic, WordTalk, Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader.

OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognition) – text is photographed & converted to speech.  Ex.- KNFB Reader, ABBYY FineReader apps.

Spelling and Grammar checkers – Ex.- Grammarly; Perfect Tense.

Ghotit – software & apps that promote reading & writing independence.

TTRS (Touch-Type-Read-Spell) – a method of improving reading & spelling skills by keyboarding. Individual or Family subscriptions are available.  $14.99/mo. For an individual at this time.

Learning Ally – audiobook subscription service. Learn by listening rather than struggling with reading. Subscription is $135, but you can apply for a fee waiver.  Must be eligible for this service; the website gives criteria for eligibility. https://learningally.org/

For more tools, just Google “Assistive Technology for Dyslexia.”  Also, check YouTube for demo videos of different assistive technologies.