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Arturo Delgado is the Program Coordinator for the Upward Bound Math & Science programs at the Keene, Rio Vista, & Venus high schools.  He started his education at Tarrant County College community college and then transferred to The University of Texas at Dallas where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience in 2017.  In 2020 Arturo completed his Master’s of Science in Medical Sciences at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.  He has experience in the medical field as a pharmacy technician and medical scribe.  Arturo also held an internship in Spain shadowing physicians and tutoring English to healthcare workers.  In the future, Arturo hopes to attend medical school and become a physician.

Arturo Delgado Working

UBMS Program Coordinator working with Upward Bound Tutor Miguel to register high school juniors for the SAT.

Arturo has worked with the ORS Upward Bound program as a Tutor/Mentor and with the ORS Educational Opportunity Center as a Client Recruiter since 2018.  He is really excited to work with the ORS Upward Bound students.  As a former first-generation and low-income student, Arturo believes he can connect with the Upward Bound students and make a positive impact on their education. He plans to do his best to guide the Upward Bound students and help them avoid the road bumps that he had to overcome while pursuing his education.


UBMS Program Coordinator Arturo Delgado with Upward Bound students at the Inner Space Cavern near Austin, Texas.

Arturo comes from a big family where they are very close and he enjoys spending quality time with them and with close friends. He has an Australian Shepherd named Alke who he considers his son.  Arturo loves an active lifestyle, the outdoors, playing all sports, and hiking. Also enjoy traveling and trying new things, especially food!

Arturo & Alke

Arturo on a hike in a field of wild bluebonnets with his best mate Alke.