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Dustin Phillips

Dustin Phillips

CEO & Co-Founder

Opportunity Resource Services

When not in the office, Dustin enjoys spending time with his family, reading, traveling, and beginning new and unique endeavors. He also currently serves as a City Council member in Benbrook, Texas.

Dustin’s Personality Profiles

DISC – Driver (Di)/Motivator (I)

Enneagram – 8 with a wing 7

Myers Briggs – ENTJ


  1. Achiever
  2. Activator
  3. Futuristic
  4. Strategic
  5. Self-assurance

In 2010, Dustin co-founded Opportunity Resource Services with that exact goal. Over the last decade, Dustin has helped shape the trajectory of this organization and continues to be instrumental to the success of our students and clients.

Dustin’s background is similar to the majority of the students that we serve. Dustin grew up in a low-income family and was the first in his family to earn a Bachelor’s degree. After working with youth in development programs for many years, he focused his work on ending generational poverty in Texas.

Dustin Phillips is one of the co-founders of Opportunity Resource Services and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Dustin earned his Bachelor of Science in Church Ministry from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and later earned his Master of Arts in Communications from the University of Texas Arlington.




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