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Our Mission

To disrupt generational poverty in Texas by empowering vulnerable teens and adults — especially first-generation college students, low-income individuals, and those involved with the criminal justice system — to attain higher education degrees of value, secure gainful employment, and achieve social mobility.

Our Vision

A Texas without generational poverty.

Our values

Access & Exposure

We provide those we serve with access to resources and exposure to new opportunities.

We seek to inspire our clients to reach their goals by providing essential knowledge, teaching them to utilize technology and expanding their worldview.

Open & Honest Communication

Communication and transparency with those we serve and other members of the community enables us to build confidence in the organization and create lasting relationships.  Both internally and externally, our communication is clear, purposeful and inclusive.

Community Development

We are committed to provide long term investments in local communities by providing resources and opportunities for constituents to achieve educational, financial and personal success.  We partner with like-minded organizations to achieve mutual goals with the highest efficiency and effectiveness.

Achievement & Accountability

We constantly work to prove ourselves, our programs, and the way we work. We set goals and rely on each other. We celebrate our accomplishments and learn from failure. We take the lead on projects and work together to drive them to completion.

Collaborative & Creative Teamwork

A positive and progressive workplace creates opportunities for learning, teamwork, organizational growth and personal fulfillment.  We tackle tough problems together.  We laugh, have fun, and enjoy our work.


At ORS, we are intentional about considering equity in all we do. Every team member in encouraged to apply an equity filter when managing programs & making decisions. 

We seek to have authentic and honest conversations about equity to deepen empathy, expand understanding, and acknowledge each other’s unique perspectives.

We want all team members to take ownership of equity throughout ORS and actively promote equity and justice for our staff, clients, and communities.

We desire to identify and eliminate discrimination and barriers to program access and organizational policy, particularly for underrepresented individuals and communities.

We are committed to just disbursement of resources.